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How to keep up with change?

The energy landscape is in transition towards more flexible and sustainable energy systems. The share of renewables is rapidly increasing alongside the expanding application of energy storage technology and flexible gas adoption, with a resulting decline in inflexible baseload generation.

This immense shift makes it difficult to reliably predict changes when firstly evaluating the business case for a power generation investment – however, you need to be ready to adopt new ideas along the way. Changes, either in the operating environment or your power plant’s operations require an appropriate response in order to safeguard the business case and to ensure competitiveness.

Having a reliable partner, one who can ensure future-proofing and flexibility, and is capable of applying new technologies throughout the lifecycle of the plant, is therefore essential.
EB Lifecycle upgrade solutions sales presentation
EB Lifecycle upgrade solutions sales presentation

Stay profitable, stay competitive – with our lifecycle upgrades

The world around us is constantly changing. Changes in the operating environment – fuel prices, electricity markets, energy policies and technology disruption, to name a few – tests the business performance. Whatever change you’ll be facing, we have the capability and experience to modify your power plant as needed in order to protect your investment, to extend the life of the power plant and to maximise its performance.

Gas conversion
As gas grids expand and emission levels continue to tighten, conversion to natural gas is an increasingly viable alternative for power plants. Wärtsilä engines are flexible and easily adapted to using gas as a primary fuel, helping to cut operational costs and exhaust gas emissions while increasing fuel flexibility.
Power plant lifecycle upgrade
Extend the lifetime of your asset and maximise your power plant performance with a lifecycle upgrade or rehabilitation from Wärtsilä. We analyse the condition of your power plant and recommend actions to correct decreased output in order to generate electricity at the lowest possible cost. The upgrade is always customised, with options for added business value.
Power plant re-powering
As power plant technology advances and local energy markets evolve, a plant’s power generation equipment can become obsolete or less competitive over time. If the existing plant is conveniently located and connected to the local grid, Wärtsilä Power plant repowering is a fast-track and highly cost-effective investment.
Energy upgrade solutions
Upgrade your equipment design or specifications to make improvements in areas like performance, efficiency, uptime, safety and operational costs.
Electrical and automation upgrades
Our integrated electrical and automation offering for energy segment is built with an aim to maximise the quality, reliability and flexibility of power generation. We offer a wide range of automation applications from single device upgrades to improving the entire power plant operating principle relaying on our vast expertise of delivering and executing complete power plant solutions.
Flexicycle upgrade
Wärtsilä’s Flexicycle upgrade solution maximises the efficiency and minimises the environmental footprint of existing simple-cycle power plants. The solution is combines the benefits of a simple-cycle plant with the efficiency of a combined-cycle plant based on reciprocating engines and steam turbine generators.

How to optimise operational costs?

A series of blog posts discuss operational costs from different perspectives: monitoring and setting the optimal cost level, improving reliability and efficiency as well as for example applying new technologies. Our experts share insights and observations based on their experience of working with a wide range of companies in the energy industry.

Optimal operating costs by Pasi Hautakoski

Gain better profitability, reliability and efficiency by defining the true optimal operating costs of...
23 June 2020
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Improved efficiency by Simon Widd

An efficient plant is a profitable one. It comes down to a simple question: How much more money could...
29 June 2020
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Energy storage system by Malin Östman...

Energy storage can save significant costs by improving the flexibility and reliability of your engine...
27 July 2020
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Real-time data enables improved efficiency...

Digitalisation and data offer great opportunities to improve power plant efficiency. But what if you...
6 August 2020
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Explore success stories

Be it about the need to reduce operating costs, improve reliability and availability or overall improve the power generation performance, there are many solutions and ways available. All begins with understanding the business case and ensure that investing in improvements has acceptable payback time and sustainable financial benefits on the long run. Here are examples on how our customers have succeeded in optimising operating costs and power plant performance:

How to improve power plant efficiency?

As power plants and their equipment age, their efficiency often declines, leading to reduced output and increased fuel consumption. Investing in a power plant upgrade to improve energy efficiency creates significant commercial, operational and environmental benefits. Find out how an upgrade can improve your power plant’s energy efficiency.



Business white paper: Improving energy efficiency with Power Plant Upgrades 

As power plants and their equipment age, their efficiency often declines, leading to reduced output and increased fuel consumption. Investing in a power plant upgrade to improve energy efficiency creates significant commercial, operational and environmental benefits. Find out how an upgrade can improve your power plant’s energy efficiency.


Business white paper: Optimising lifecycle efficiency with renewables

Energy storage systems, transmission networks, data analytics, and flexible, fast-responding balancing power plants play an important role in paving the way to a 100% renewable energy future - also for the existing power plants. Read more to learn about the benefits of renewables when operating a power plant and optimising its lifecycle efficiency.

Guaranteed asset performance

Business white paper: Guaranteed asset performance

When performance targets are set together with power plant owners, Wärtsilä ensures that objectives are met by providing advanced performance analytics services combined with advisory and planned maintenance services. Read the paper to learn more about the role of performance guarantees when considering ways of improving a power plant’s energy efficiency.

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