LNG terminals

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LNG terminals

Wärtsilä’s portfolio consists of terminals with various functions combined with a storage capacity in the range of 100-160,000 m³. Our terminals are specifically adapted for the requirements of small-scale LNG through elimination of complexity and increase of flexibility.

Depending on project location and requirements, we specify the most suitable type of regasification system. As Wärtsilä has supplied regasification system modules for more than one third of the floating storage and regasification units (FSRU) in active operation, this is an area where we have extensive expertise. Additionally, Wärtsilä Tank Control Systems are used in many of the world’s leading LNG facilities.

We are able to deliver a complete terminal under an EPC contract.

LNG terminals
  • Specifically adapted for the requirements of small-scale LNG through elimination of complexity and increase of flexibility
  • Single use (e.g. providing fuel for a power plant) or multi-use (e.g. gas send-out, ship bunkering, truck loading)
  • Available for both hub and spoke operations
  • Onshore and nearshore (barge) concepts
  • Stringent safety regulations during both construction and operation

Learn more about Wärtsilä’s storage and regasification barge.


Brochure: Small and medium-scale LNG terminals (PDF)  


Tornio Manga LNG terminal

Wärtsilä has been named the supplier to a new LNG terminal to be built in northern Finland’s Tornio, located on the Bay of Bothnia. The terminal is the largest of it's kind in the Nordic countries and it will primarily provide natural gas to the Outokumpu Tornio steel mill, but serving also industries, mines, and other potential gas consumers in the region. Going forward, it may also supply LNG to ships operating in the Bay of Bothnia.

Tornio Manga LNG receiving terminal

Case study: Tornio Manga LNG receiving terminal, Finland (PDF)


Tornio Manga

The Tornio Manga LNG terminal in October 2016.

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