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LNG liquefaction

Mini-scale liquefaction

Mixed Refrigerant (MR) process - the perfect solution for biogas liquefaction

Small-scale LNG liquefaction

Reverse Brayton nitrogen cycle – the reliable solution for small scale liquefaction

Our solutions

Wärtsilä provides innovative, reliable and efficient solutions within the engineering and design of LNG production plants suitable for small to medium size liquefaction capacities.

We have delivered a number of complete onshore LNG production facilities, including the introduction of an improved liquefaction system with double expanders based on the reversed Brayton cycle. The LNG production plant for Gasum in Finland uses surplus liquid nitrogen (LIN) for the LNG generation and incorporates new technology that reduces LIN consumption by 50%.

  • EGE Biogass plant in Oslo, Norway, being able to convert household food waste into liquid biogas, is able to produce enough fuel to run 135 buses.

  • Our LNG production facility in Snurrevarden, Norway, fully fitted with remote monitoring and control capabilities, was the first free-standing small scale LNG plant in Northern Europe.

LNG plants - mini and small scale liquefaction technology

Brochure: LNG plants - mini and small scale liquefaction technology


Liquefaction process – module based solution

Large variety of gas sources, both in gas quality and quantity, require a variety of liquefaction systems.

Wärtsilä’s solution to this is a module based design, where every module is optimized for the process it was intended for.

The schematic diagram (below) shows the different types of modules that can be delivered in a liquefaction plant supplied by Wärtsilä.

Modular design


LNG Liquefaction


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