A green market of possibilities
Metaenergiaproduzione S. R. L, Italy

Italy believes in balancing power

Metaenergiaproduzione S. R. L, Italy

A fleet of six power plants, 380 MW

Energy utility Metaenergiaproduzione invested in fast-starting Wärtsilä thermal balancing solution to maximise its opportunities in Italy’s new capacity market, all the while supporting a greener future. Each plant will be on call by Terna, the national transmission system operator, and is expected to run whenever the sun is not shining, the wind is not blowing, or there is an unexpected peak in energy demand.

As a single frame contract, this is the largest project Wärtsilä has ever delivered to Italy and the largest fleet of power plants Wärtsilä has delivered to any country. The project is a milestone, strengthening Wärtsilä’s position further as an enabler of a 100% renewable energy future. 

Metaenergia is committed to protecting the environment through careful energy consumption and the greater use of energy from renewable sources. We are, therefore, pleased to participate in the capacity market, for which we need the flexibility to respond quickly to changing demand. Wärtsilä’s engine technology provides this flexibility.
Constantin von Wasserschleben, Chairman of the international asset management IKAV Group, a significant owner of the project company
Requirement for quick, flexible, and reliable energy generation to balance renewable energy sources in the Italian capacity market.
Need for profitable gas generation with minimised environmental impact.
A fleet of six multi-unit Wärtsilä power plants with high operational flexibility, capable of reaching full load within a few minutes.
Wärtsilä 50SG/31SG engines with the highest efficiency and fuel economy on the market.
Enabling low-emission market participation with possibility for additional revenue streams.
Flexible generation, allowing efficient, low-emission energy production at any load, dispatched when needed.

Main data


Metaenergiaproduzione S.R.L (Metaenergia Group and IKAV GmbH)


6 flexible Wärtsilä gas engine power plants  

Operating Mode

Flexible balancing power


Gorizia 4 x 50SG Castellanza 4 x 50SG Piombino 3 x 50SG Sulmona 4 x 31SG Cassino 2 x 50SG Melfi 5 x 50SG

Total Output



Natural Gas




June 2022  

In Italy, the renewable energy segment has rapidly expanded in the past few years, with continuous growth to be expected as the country plans to triple its solar and double its wind energy production by 2030.

To enable upcoming capacity retirements of legacy fossil fuel power plants, and to balance the intermittent nature of the renewables, the national transmission system operator Terna has introduced a capacity market, which is to commence operation in 2022.

Energy utility Metaenergiaproduzione has invested in a fleet of six fast-starting Wärtsilä gas power plants to maximise its opportunities in the new market, all the while supporting a greener future. For Wärtsilä, this is the largest single-frame contract to date.

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