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Main data

Name: Limbe
Type: Oil power plant
Location: Cameroon
Owner: AES Sonel, Cameroon
Delivered: 2004
Engines: 5 x Wärtsilä 18V46
Total electrical output: 85.4 MWe

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Contact info

If you want to know more about the Limbe project, please contact

Arnaud Gouet
Regional Director, West Africa
Wärtsilä Energy Solutions
+331 47768938

The years 2000-2003 were exceptionally dry in Cameroon. Coupled increasing demand for electricity from all sectors, this led to a serious shortage of power in the dry season. The consequent load-shedding was deeply unpopular. A new project was started to provide permanent power generation to address the urgent electricity shortage in the country through AES Sonel, a utility and a subsidiary of AES Corporation from the United States. The utility decided to invest in an HFO power plant at Limbe to cover the shortfalls in a country where more than 90% of the power comes from hydropower plants.
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