New Caledonian company, ENERCAL, wanted to optimise the operational cost and performance of their power plant. The solution was a Wärtsilä 46 Performance optimisation, consisting of engine tuning by means of a camshaft modification to Miller timing and an upgrade to ABB-TPL76C turbochargers. Two years of operation has established a 5g/kWh improvement for each engine, which enabled savings of about $400,000 in 2016.

"The performance improvement of the power plant was much higher than we originally anticipated. Performance tests have shown savings on the specific fuel oil consumption of more than 8g/kWh."

Teddy Theodore, Operations manager of ENERCAL Nepoui power plant.

    • Maintaining the competitive edge
    • Reducing the operating costs of the power plant through guaranteed lower fuel consumption.
    • Installation of a Wärtsilä 46 performance optimisation package consisting of engine tuning by means of unique camshaft modification to Miller timing and an upgrade to ABB-TPL76C turbochargers and other engine components & settings.
    • An average of 5g/kWh lower fuel consumption (in some cases as high as 8g/kWh)
    • Reduced maintenance costs through less parts and more flexible service intervals.

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