Gold mine

Plutonic gold mine

Western Australia, Australia

16.5 MW

When a gold mine is situated in an Australian desert where temperatures can reach 51 °C nothing is ever easy. In this extreme heat, every process at the mine must be carefully planned to obtain the desired results. This is the case with the Plutonic gold mine some 940 kilometres north-east of Perth. The mine depends on the power plant for its production needs and the personal comfort and safety of the mine’s staff. Under the very difficult conditions in such a remote region, the plant’s reliability is of paramount importance as the mine’s very survival depends on the availability of power.

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Main data

Name: Plutonic
Type: Gas power plant
Location: 940 kilometres north-east of Perth, Australia
Owner: Barrick Mining Company (Australia) Ltd
Delivered: 1997
Engines: 4 x Wärtsilä 18V34SG
Total electrical output: 16.5 MW at 50°C

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