Haripur, Bangladesh


Haripur, Bangladesh

120 MW

In the autumn of 1998 NEPC Haripur Ltd. signed an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract with Wärtsilä for a 120 MW floating baseload power plant to Haripur, near Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Wärtsilä solution

The Haripur floating power plant consists of eight Wärtsilä 46GD engines, all mounted on one barge. Minimal site work was necessary at Haripur because non-shore fuel tanks were required. The barge is moored in the river at a location dredged for it along the shore. The silting characteristics of the Sitalakhya River are such that onboard radiators, as opposed to river water cooling, are used as the cooling method.

The Haripur barge was assembled with the generating sets in Singapore and completed in March 1999. It was then towed to the site at Haripur, Bangladesh. The plant was handed over to the customer already in June 1999. At commercial start-up, the Haripur floating power plant was operated on heavy fuel oil. After the installation of gas compressors, it switched to operating on natural gas.

Main data

Name: Haripur
Owner: NEPC Haripur Ltd
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Total electric output: 120 MW
Engines: 8 x Wärtsilä 18V46GD
Year of commisioning: 1999

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