Flexibility to future-proof the Ukrainian power system


Flexibility to future-proof the Ukrainian power system

Flexibility to future-proof the Ukrainian power system

The energy sector in Ukraine is on the brink of a major change. The plans outlined in the Strategy-2035 document by the government take the first steps towards a new energy market, increased use of renewable energy and integration with the European energy system. These changes are made to provide the citizens with sustainable, reliable and affordable electricity in years to come.

The Ukrainian power system modelling results show that adding 2-3 GW of flexibility by 2025 would allow renewable energy sources to be better integrated into the system, and reduce the curtailment of renewable energy from 30% to almost 0% in the case of 7.5 GW installed renewable energy sources. Adding flexibility would also reduce the electricity generation from coal by 13-30%, CO2 emission by 10-20%, and the overall system cost to serve load by 200-450 MUSD/year, and give the TSO access to modern fast starting and ramping capacity for balancing the grid and provision of reserves.

This will lead to a future where Ukraine is less dependent on coal and significantly reduces its CO2 emissions. It would allow Ukraine to create a future-proof system that is ready to adopt more renewables and reach its emission reduction targets.

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