W31DF Webinar
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Wärtsilä 31DF
Duration: 40 MIN

The new highly efficient Wärtsilä 31DF − future-proof your power generation with this modular plant solution

The energy landscape is undergoing an important transition towards more sustainable power systems. Thanks to their rapidly decreasing cost, more and more renewables are being introduced, but what happens when the sun is not shining or the wind stops blowing?

Watch this webinar recording to learn how the newly launched, fuel-flexible Wärtsilä 31DF plant solution provides the needed balancing flexibility to integrate these increased levels of renewables. Plus see how it secures the reliability of your power system.

We can support you step towards a 100% renewable energy future where flexibility is the key.

Key learning objectives

  • Show the importance of flexible power generation for Asia’s future power systems
  • Outline the key benefits of the Wärtsilä 31DF solution and internal combustion engine technology
  • See how this new solution can fit different markets

For more information about the Wärtsilä 31DF webinar, please contact Marjo Ketola, Marketing, Wärtsilä Energy Business: marjo.ketola@wartsila.com

Video introduction

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Nicolas Leong

Regional Director
South East Asia
Wärtsilä Energy Business


Jani Mäkinen

Product Manager
Wärtsilä medium bore generating sets
Wärtsilä Energy Business

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