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Finding an Optimum Path to Accelerate Decarbonisation

Finding an Optimum Path to Accelerate Decarbonisation

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The recent power system modelling indicated that even with its current energy mix, the UK could easily achieve 62% renewable generation by 2030. Explore the webinar how the UK, and other countries, can accelerate a cost-optimal shift to 100% renewable energy, and avoid locking in a slower, less effective transition.

• Understand how to support faster renewable energy deployment to achieve 80% renewable generation by 2030

• Increase investment in flexibility to unlock renewable energy and deliver a cost-optimal transition for consumers

• Explore the importance of future-proofing today’s decisions to enable future technologies and enable 100% renewable energy before 2050

Watch the recording of our Live session:

Presented by

Björn Ullbro

Björn Ullbro

Vice president, Europe & Africa,
Wärtsilä Energy

Ville Rimali

Ville Rimali

Growth & Development Director, 
Africa and Europe, Wärtsilä Energy

Jane Dennett Thorpe - Ofgem

Jane Dennett-Thorpe 

Decarbonisation & Energy Transition Lead, Ofgem

kate bragg

Kate Bragg

Guest Speaker
VP Head of Strategy Development,

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