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Internal Combustion Engine Technology in Gas-Fired CHP Systems: Applicability Limits and Flexibility Benefits

Internal Combustion Engine Technology In Gas-Fired CHP Systems: Applicability Limits and Flexibility Benefits

Internal combustion engine technology provides an excellent solution for dynamic power and heat generation. When combined with simple heat storage, it enables covering heat and power demands even on very volatile and unpredictable modern markets, heavily affected by massive deployment of intermittent renewable sources. Modern dynamic CHP plants, which operate in a flexible way according to the variable market conditions, may not only cover two demands with very different characteristics (i.e. demand for heat and power), but also improve system stability by providing power exactly when it is needed.

Yet this does not exhaust capabilities of the engine technology in modern CHP applications. Thanks to their low investment cost and high efficiency, they may be competitive even at most traditional markets and in large-scale applications, traditionally reserved for gas turbine combined cycles. Calculations shown in this paper prove, that using engine technology instead may offer comparable (or even better) feasibility in a traditional stable energy market, while at the same time making their operator ready for the challenges of the future.

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