Wärtsilä Modular Block

Wärtsilä Modular Block is a pre-fabricated, modular, configurable and expandable enclosure for sustainable power generation. The system uses our highly efficient and competitive medium-speed engines and enables fast delivery and installation, as well as dismantling and relocation – just what your fast-growing business needs.

  • Prefabricated modular design reduces installation time for new power generation assets from many months to just a few weeks.
  • Competitive and reliable power generation based on our highly efficient medium-speed engines that have lower lifecycle costs than containerised high-speed engines or gas turbine solutions.
  • A scalable solution that grows as you need it, meaning you only need to make minimal upfront investment.
  • Redeployable for use elsewhere so you can move it to new sites and offer new business models, like power as a service or rentals.
  • Configurable design can accommodate the external systems you need, like emission abatement, heat recovery and power offtake (system frequency and voltage)
  • Quick and easy to install with a streamlined delivery process and detailed installation instructions. We can also offer this solution as a full engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) project.
  • Easy integration with renewable energy and storage systems provides grid stability and balancing. As well as natural gas, our engines can also run on biofuel for a fully renewable solution.

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