The Smarter E Europe 2019

Munich, Germany, May 15-17, 2019
Wärtsilä stand C2.220

The smarter E Europe 2019

Munich, Germany, May 15-17, 2019, Wärtsilä stand C2.220

Discover future-ready solutions for renewable energy storage and advanced battery technology at ees Europe! Europe’s largest and most visited exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems is the industry hotspot for suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and users of stationary electrical energy storage solutions as well as battery systems. In 2019, more than 450 suppliers of products for energy storage technology and systems will be present at ees Europe and the parallel exhibitions of The smarter E Europe taking place in Munich.

Is your system ready for the 100% renewable energy future? We’re here to help you transition. Learn from our energy experts about the latest hybrid solutions, advanced integration software and services available to optimise the performance of your assets over their lifecycle.

Wärtsilä can help you design, build and optimise your system. We understand the evolving energy market and recognise value-based opportunities for our customers. We align business objectives with technical expertise through extensive modelling that can include multiple generation assets like renewables, thermal and energy storage. Our hybrid solutions provide the needed flexibility to integrate renewables while securing reliability.

You are welcome to visit us at booth C2.220!

Thursday May 16 at 2.00-3.00PM at Wärtsilä stand C2.220.

Wärtsilä's Programme

 Time   Conference programme
Tue 14th May


Energy Storage Market Overview – What are the Applications Driving the Market?
Semih Oztreves

 Time   Booth programme
Wed 15th May


SPIN THE WHEEL                                                                                                                             
14.15: Energy Storage Market Overview – What are the Applications Driving the Market?
Semih Oztreves
Sophisticated software + standardized hardware = maximum flexibility
Risto Paldanius

 Thur 16th May
Case study: island grid in Graciosa, Azores
Niko Liljelund
14.45: Hybrid solutions for islanded grids
Risto Paldanius

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Graciosa, Azores

While the rest of the world is figuring out how to transition to renewable energy, a tiny island with...

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Discover the real power of energy storage and how it's transforming today’s energy grid.

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We welcome you to visit our booth C2.220 at The smarter E Europe 2019!

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