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  • Framing system

    Arrangements of stiffeners used to support hull plating. Two different types of framing are in general use or may...

  • Frame spacing

    The fore-and aft distance, heel to heel, of adjacent transverse frames.

  • Frame

    A term used to define one of the transverse members that constitute the riblike part of the skeleton of a ship...

  • Fracture

    The propagation of a crack through the thickness of a material. It may be further described by nature of the surface...

  • Fouling

    A term used to describe the growth of marine plants and animals on man-made structures in the sea.

  • Foul of propeller

    A line, wire, net, etc., is wound round the propeller.

  • Foul of anchor

    Anchor cable is twisted around or it has been fouled.

  • Fossil fuel

    Any naturally occurring organic fuel formed in the earth’s crust.

  • Forward shoulder

    The part of a ship where entrance region meets the parallel middle body.

  • Forward perpendicular

    A vertical line through the intersection of the foreside of the stem with the waterline on which the length is...

  • Forward

    At or in the direction of the bow. Also the fore part of the ship.

  • Formal safety assessment (FSA)

    FSA is a rational and systematic process for assessing the risks associated with shipping activity and for evaluating...

  • Forklift track

    A machine used to pick up and move goods loaded on pallets or skids.

  • Forging

    Steel worked to a desired shape by hammering while extremely hot.

  • Forest products

    Packaged timber, pulp, board, newsprint, lightweight coated (LWC) paper, baled waste paper.

  • Forefoot

    The lower end of a ship's stem which curves to meet the keel.

  • Forecastle deck

    A deck forming the upper boundary of a forecastle.

  • Forecastle

    A superstructure which extends from the forward perpendicular aft to a point which is forward of the after perpendicular...

  • Fore-and-aft

    In line with the length of the ship; longitudinal.

  • Fore peak

    The watertight compartment situated forward of the collision bulkhead.

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