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  • Escape trunk

    A vertical trunk fitted with a ladder to permit personnel to escape after being trapped.

  • Escape route

    A clearly marked way in the vessel which has to be followed in case of emergency.

  • Error

    The difference between an actual and the ideal or desired value or condition.

  • Erosion damage

    The physical removal of material from a surface by mechanical means such as e.g. flowing liquid. It may be accelerated...

  • Erosion

    The destruction of metals or other material by the abrasive action of moving fluids, usually accelerated by the...

  • Ergonomics

    Application of the human factor in the analysis and design of equipment and working environment. The aim is to...

  • Erecting, erection

    The process of hoisting into place and welding together the various parts of a ship hull.

  • Equipment number

    A dimensionless parameter used to determine the size and number of anchors and chain cables for a new ship.

  • Epoxy resins

    Liquids that can be poured and cured at room temperatures. The cured material is tough, solid, durable and unaffected...

  • Environmental load

    A load that acts on a structure that is the result of environmental conditions (e.g. thermal loads arising from...

  • Environmental control

    A number of chemical substances react with oxygen or other gases. This reaction may affect the quality of the cargo...

  • Fender

    A resilient device built into (permanent fender) or hung over the sides to prevent the shell plating from rubbing...

  • Entry

    A custom form used for the clearance of ships or merchandise.

  • Feeler gauge

    A thin metal strip of a particular thickness, with the value marked upon it. It is used for the precise measurement...

  • Feeder service

    Cargo to/from regional ports is transferred to/from a central hub port for a long-haul ocean voyage.

  • Feed water treatment

    The process of adding various chemicals to the feed water system and then testing samples of boiler water with...

  • Feed water

    Distilled water supplied to a boiler, usually by high-pressure pump (feed pump), to compensate for water lost by...

  • Feed heater

    A heat exchanger which increases the temperature of boiler feed water, usually by using some form of waste, or...

  • Feed check valve

    A boiler feed water supply valve which is non-return but can be also regulated.

  • Fatigue strength

    The strength against crack initiation under dynamic loads during operation.

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