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  • Wetted surface

    For a ship floating at a given waterline, the wetted surface is the total area of her outer surface in contact...

  • Wheelhouse

    An enclosed space in which the main steering wheel, controls, engine room telegraph, etc., are located.

  • Whistle

    Any sound signalling appliance capable of producing the prescribed blasts.

  • White metal

    A tin-based alloy with amounts of lead, copper and antimony. It may also be a lead- based alloy with antimony...

  • White petroleum oils

    Clean products such as benzene, kerosene and gasoline.

  • Wide Tow

    Towed seismic spread with significant lateral separation. Normally, it requires the use of paravanes.

  • Winch

    A machine with a drum on which a rope, cable, or chain for hauling, pulling, or hoisting can be wound.

  • Wind and water strakes

    The strakes of side shell plating between the ballast and the deepest load waterline.

  • Wind Turbine Installation Vessel INNOVATION

    Delivered in August 2012, the INNOVATION is a self-propelled powerful jack-up built by CRIST S.A. shipyard in Gdynia...

  • Wind Turbine Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Unit

    A mobile off shore unit primarily intended for the installation, maintenance and repair of wind turbines in off...

  • Windlass

    A machine designed to hoist or lower an anchor. It consist of a horizontal barrel that is fitted with gear-like...

  • Windlass trials

    Each windlass is to be tested under working conditions after installation onboard.

  • Windows

    Windows are not allowed to be used in superstructures or in the ship shell, but only in deckhouses. However, if...

  • Windward

    The direction from which the wind is blowing.

  • Wire winder

    A ring mounted on the propeller hub in order to protect the sterntube aft seal.

  • Wiring diagram

    A drawing which shows the detailed wiring and connections between items of electrical equipment and may also show...

  • Workboat

    Usually, a small pontoon type, flush deck craft designed to carry out a wide range of work.

  • Workboat BELYRYAR

    The multipurpose workboat BELYRYAR features a pontoonshape and a double chine bow.

  • Working raft

    A small platform used for works on the ship when afloat.

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