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  • Weld defects

    The most common type of discontinuities are: cracks, incomplete fusion, slag inclusions, porosity, undercut. Imperfections...

  • Weld metal corrosion

    A preferential corrosion of the weld deposit due to an electrolytic action between the weld metal and base metal.

  • Weldability

    The capacity of a material to be welded under the imposed fabrication conditions into a specific, suitably designed...

  • Welder

    One who performs a manual or semiautomatic welding operation.

  • Welder certification

    A written certification that a welder has produced welds meeting a prescribed standard of the performance.

  • Welder qualification test

    To ensure that a welder possesses the necessary skils to produce a sound weld he must complete a test piece which...

  • Welding

    A joining process that produces coalescence of materials by heating them to the welding temperature, with or without...

  • Welding machine

    The equipment used to perform the welding operation. For example: spot welding machine, arc welding machine, and...

  • Welding operator

    One who operates adaptive control, automatic, mechanized, or robotic welding equipment.

  • Welding procedure

    The detailed method and practice involved in producing a specific weld.

  • Welding sequence

    The order of making the welds in a weldment.

  • Welding shrinkage

    Distortion of weldments created by localized heating of the metal being joined together.

  • Well

    Space in the bottom of a ship to which bilge water drains so it may be pumped overboard. Any area on the deck exposed...

  • Well fluid properties

    The condition of a well or reservoir defined by depth, temperature, shut-in pressure, flow rate, well fluid composition...

  • Well intervention vessel

    A dynamically positioned (DP) ship-shaped offshore unit provided with equipment for well stimulation or maintenance...

  • Well maintenance

    Worldwide there are more than 3000 subsea wells and, to increase the oil recovery from these wells, there is a...

  • Well Test Systems

    Facilities installed on vessels or mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs) for the purpose of evaluating the quality...

  • Wellhead

    Equipment used to secure and seal the casings and production tubing and to provide a mounting place for the Christmas...

  • Wet surface hull scanner (WSHS)

    A new technology using a remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) for hull survey developed by Det Norske Veritas.

  • WETPAC humidification

    The NOx reduction technology developed by Wärtsilä. Pressurized water is added to the intake air after the turbocharger...

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