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  • Water seal

    Water, added to the separator bowl to prevent the oil from leaving the bowl through the water outlet, in the purifier...

  • Water spray

    A suspension in the atmosphere of water divided into coarse droplets delivered through a special nozzle for use...

  • Water-based local fire fighting system

    According to SOLAS 2000-Amendments and IMO MSC/Cir. 913 vessels constructed on and after 1st July 2002 have to...

  • Waterjet

    A propulsor that consists of a water inlet channel with inlet located in the bottom of the ship, a pump that accelerates...

  • Waterjet propulsion

    Waterjet propulsion is often choosen instead of conventional propellers for vessels requiring high speeds, shallow...

  • Waterline

    An imaginary line on a ship side parallel to the base at a particular draft.

  • Waterplane area

    The area of a hull at a particular horizontal plane, i.e. within the waterline.

  • Watertight

    Capable of preventing the passage of water through the structure in either direction with a proper margin of resistance...

  • Watertight door

    A door which is fitted in a watertight bulkhead and able to open vertically or horizontally. It is operated by...

  • Watertight Integrity Plan

    A drawing showing the main and local watertight subdivision as well as internal openings and closing devices thereof...

  • Wave

    The travelling undulation of the surface of a liquid. The wave crest moves as the individual surface particles...

  • Waveslope capacity of the fin stabiliser

    The maximum static angle of the heel produced by the fin, expressed in degrees

  • Wear

    The deterioration of a surface due to relative motion between it and another.

  • Weardown gauge

    A depth gauge which is inserted into the stern frame boss and through the sterntube bearing to measure the wear...

  • Weather chart facsimile, weatherfax

    A device used to receive weather reports.

  • Weather deck

    A deck which is completely exposed to the weather from above and from at least two sides, (SOLAS).

  • Weathertight

    Weathertight means that in any sea conditions water will not penetrate into the ship, (ICLL).

  • Weathertight door

    A door fitted in a structure above the freeboard deck. It must be of adequate strength and able to maintain the...

  • Web

    A flat plate with a flanged or stiffened edge.

  • Web frame

    A deep-section built-up frame which provides additional strength to the structure.

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