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  • Tri/SWATH concept

    A revolutionary concept of well intervention vessel with a tri-hull configuration, being developed by QinetiQ and...


    An integrated design and information system created by Kockums Computer Systems to serve the shipbuilding and offshore...

  • TriboPack technology

    A package of design measures giving improved piston-running behaviour, lower wear rates, longer time between overhauls...

  • Tri-Cargo Carrier (TCC)

    The new concept of combination carrier developed by Norwegian shipbroker, O-J Libaek.

  • Trim

    The difference of the drafts between forward and aft.

  • Trim and Stability Booklet

    A stability manual.

  • Trimaran ro-pax ferry BENCHIJIGUA EXPRESS

    Built by Austal Ships, Australia, the aluminium ro-pax ferry BENCHIJIGUA EXPRESS is the world first trimaran ro-pax...

  • Trimming (loading cargo)

    The partial or total levelling of the cargo within the holds by means of loading spouts or chutes, portable machinery...

  • Trimming (ship)

    Adding, removal or shifting of weight in a ship to achieve the required forward and aft draughts.

  • Trimming (unloading cargo)

    The shovelling or sweeping up of smaller quantities of the cargo in the holds by mechanical means (such as bulldozers...

  • Tripping bracket

    A flat bar or plate fitted to a deck girder, stiffener, beam, etc., to reinforce the free edge.

  • Trolling

    The fishing method used for the capture of high-value pelagic species, such as salmon and tuna.

  • Trunk

    A vertical or inclined space or passage formed by bulkheads or casings, extending one or more deck heights, around...

  • Trunk piston engine

    An internal combustion engine in which the connecting rod is directly connected to the piston by a gudgeon pin...

  • TTS Folding Frame

    Patented bow ramp/door arrangement developed by TTS Ships Equipment. A collision bulkhead door is separated from...

  • TTS winch bollard (TTS WB)

    Novel mooring equipment developed by TTS Marine. TTS WB can hold the mooring rope like a normal bollard but can...

  • Tubes

    Tubes are generally small-diameter thin-wall pipes. Tubes are to meet the same general requirements as pipes.

  • Tubular

    A generic term for a family of hollow section products of various cross-section configuration.

  • Tugs

    Small vessels designed to tow or push large ships or barges. Tugs have powerful diesel engines and are essential...

  • Tumble home

    The fall-in of the ship sides amidships.

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