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  • Trackways

    The rails fitted to the coaming with hatch cover wheels running on them.

  • Traditional fuel injection

    Mechanically-controlled fuel injection. Each engine cylinder has its own fuel injection pump and all the fuel is...

  • Trailers

    Air shuttle trailer, A trailer designed by Wallenius Wilhelmsen for transport of fully assembled railcars.

  • Trailing suction hopper dredger VASCO DA GAMA

    The trailing suction hopper dredger VASCO DA GAMA is designed to recover sand from the sea, haul it for long distances...

  • Train ferry

    A ship which transports railway carriages and passengers in a shuttle service between two particular terminals.

  • Train lift

    A large installation used on board train ferries to enable train transport on two decks.

  • Tramp

    A vessel operating without a fixed itinerary or schedule or charter contract.

  • Transformer

    A device which generally consists of two windings on an iron core.

  • Translifter

    Hydraulically raised and lowered trailer which can slide through the center of a wheel-lesscassette to load and...

  • Transmission efficiency

    The ratio of delivered power to shaft power.

  • Transom stern

    A square-ended stern used to provide additional hull volume and deck space at the aft.

  • Transport of bitumen products

    Molten bitumen and related products are transported at high temperatures up to 250°C in independent tanks supported...

  • Transport of molten sulphur

    Molten sulphur has to be carried at the temperature within the ranges of 120°C and 155°C – normally about 140°C...

  • Transport of reefer containers

    More and more refrigerated cargoes are carried in containers. On the other hand, high cube boxes are more and more...

  • Transverse

    Athwartships, at the right angle to the ship centreline.

  • Travelling block

    The large heavy duty, multi-sheave lifting block which is used to support the weight of the drill string during...

  • Trawler/seiner VEA

    North Shipyard of Gdańsk in Poland completed the construction of a new class trawler/seiner VEA, which was delivered...

  • Trawlers

    Vessels used for trawler fishing. They drag along a tunnel-shaped net (trawl) whose size and mesh vary according...

  • Trawling

    A fishing method with a gear towed through the water. The bottom trawling is used for demersal species.

  • Trencher

    A large underwater robot designed to inject water and/or air into subsoil to bury cables (or pipelines). It is...

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