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  • Top drive

    A large electrically- or hydraulically-powered motor suspended from the travelling block and connected directly...

  • Topping off

    The operation of completing the loading of a tank to a required ullage.

  • Topping up

    The introduction of inert gas into a tank which is already in the inert condition with the object of raising the...

  • Toppling

    The tendency of a container to pivot on its bottom edge and eventually to overturn when subject to extreme rolling...

  • Torsion

    The strain set up onto a member which is twisted without bending.

  • Torsional vibration

    The twisting of a shaft or any other structure about an axis in a cyclical manner due to a varying applied torque.

  • Total head

    The difference in pressure between the suction and discharge branches of a pumping system, which is required to...

  • Total loss (marine insurance)

    A ship having ceased to exist after a casualty, either due to being irrecoverable (actual total loss) or due to...

  • Total static head

    The verical height of a stationary column of liquid produced by a pump, measured from the suction level.

  • Towing and anchor handling equipment of TOR VIKING

    The icebreaking/offshore support vessel TOR VIKING is fitted with a Rauma Brattvaag waterfall winch of 400t pull...

  • Towing gear

    Towing winches, hawser winches, towing hooks, tow bitts.

  • Towing gear of the Rotor tug RT INNOVATION

    The towing gear includes a “waterfall”-type hydraulic main towing winch with three declutchable drums.

  • Towing gear of the standard type tug SAAM MEXICA

    A disc-type towing hook with a safe working load of 65 ton, is fitted together with a double pole towing bitt on...

  • Towing hook

    A device created primarily to enable a quick connection to a tow, and secondly to reduce the heeling moment on...

  • Towing hook slipping device

    A device which enables slipping of the hook in case of emergency.

  • Towing pins, guide pins

    A pair of hydraulic posts used to contain the work wire or mooring chain within a restricted area at the stern...

  • Towing tank

    A long, top-opened tank of a rectangular cross section equipped with a towing carriage that runs on two rails on...

  • Towing winch

    A device which controls the steel towline connecting the tug to its tow. It must be designed to transmit the full...

  • Toxic fluids

    Fluids liable to cause death or severe injury or harm to health if swallowed or inhaled or absorbed by skin.

  • Tracking

    The process of observing the sequential changes in the position of a target in order to establish its motion.

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