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  • Throat of a fillet weld

    Actual throat, the shortest distance between the weld root and the face of a fillet weld.

  • Thrust bearing

    A bearing located inside the ship to transmit the propeller thrust from the shafting to the hull structure.

  • Thrust block

    The complete assembly of thrust shaft and bearings which is solidly constructed and mounted onto a rigid seating.

  • Thrust power

    The product of the propeller thrust and speed of vessel advance.

  • Thrust shaft

    A short length of shaft with flanges at either end and a thrust collar in the centre.

  • Thruster system of dynamic positioning system

    All components and systems necessary to supply the DP system with thrust force and thruster direction.

  • Thrusters

    Thrusters are used to allow ships to be more independent from tugs, give them more manoeuvrability for special...

  • Thyristor

    A device which conducts current in one direction and can be switched into the conducting state when a voltage of...

  • Tidal energy

    Tidal energy is produced by the surge of ocean waters during the rise and fall of tides.

  • Tightness test

    An air test or other medium test carried out to demonstrate the tightness of the structure.

  • Tiller

    An arm, attached to rudderstock, which turns the rudder.

  • Timber

    Sawn wood or lumber, cants, logs, poles and all other types of timber in loose or packaged forms.

  • Timber deck cargo

    A cargo of timber carried on an uncovered part of freeboard or the superstructure deck. The term does not include...

  • Timber load line

    A special load line assigned to ships complying with certain conditions related to their construction set out in...

  • Tin

    A ductile, malleable metal, resistant to corrosion. It can be used as a coating for steel and also in various alloys.

  • Titanium

    A light, strong, corrosion resistant metal which is used as the plate material in plate-type heat exchangers. It...

  • T-joint

    A joint between two members located approximately at right angles to each other in the form of a T letter.

  • Toeboard

    A barrier placed along the edge of a walking surface to prevent personnel from placing their feet over the edge...

  • Tolerance

    The variation permitted in a dimensional size, position, form, etc., of a component.

  • Tonnage

    Gross tonnage, under vessel measurement rules of various nations.

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