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  • Tempering

    A type of steel heat treatment. The process follows the quenching of steel and involves reheating up to temperature...

  • Template

    A full-size pattern from which an item can be made, e.g. a pipe or steel plate.

  • Tensile strength

    The ability of a material to withstand tensile stress, i.e. a force attempting to lengthen the material, divided...

  • Tensile test

    A test to determine the material strength and ductility. A specially-shaped specimen of standard size is gripped...

  • Tension leg platform (TLP)


  • Terminal

    Any structure used for the assembly, processing, embarking, or disembarking of cargo.

  • Terminal representative

    A person appointed by the terminal or other facility where the ship is being loaded or unloaded.

  • Terminal/escort tug LAMNALCO SANA’A

    LAMNALCO SANA’A is the high-performance ASD tug built to the RAstar design developed by Robert Allan Ltd., naval...

  • Test cock

    A valve from which a sample can be drawn for testing or visual examination, e.g. salinometer cock on a boiler or...

  • Thermal conductivity

    A measure of the heat flow rate through a material.

  • Thermal efficiency

    The ratio of the work done by an engine to the mechanical equivalent of the heat available in fuel.

  • Thermal protective aid

    A lightweight waterproof garment intended to conserve body heat and be worn by persons suffering from exposure...

  • Thermal trip

    A device which is operated by a rise in temperature. It is used on circuit breakers, relays, etc., and is often...

  • Thermoplastic

    Any plastic material which can be softened under the application of heat or heat and pressure and then hardened...

  • Thermostat

    A device which responds to temperature changes. It may act as a valve in the water cooling circuit of small engines...

  • Thinner

    Volatile liquids added to paints to speed up application and to support penetration by lowering the viscosity.

  • Third Assistant Engineer

    Licensed member of the engine department, in charge of the eight to twelve watch. He maintains lighting fittings.

  • Third Mate

    The licensed member of the deck department, in charge of the eight to twelve watch.

  • Threshold

    The value of input to a measuring instrument, or any system, below which no output change can be detected.

  • Threshold limit value (TLV)

    The time-weighed average concentration of a substance to which workers may be repeatedly exposed, without adverse...

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