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  • Shipbroker

    A person who, on behalf of shipowner/shipper, negotiates a deal for the transportation of cargo at an agreed price.

  • Shipment

    A quantity of goods sent by sea.

  • Shipowner

    An owner, manager or operator having day-to-day commercial and/or operational control of the vessel.

  • Shipping

    A term relating to all aspects of marine transport. The transport of goods by sea.

  • Ship-to-ship (STS) transfer operation

    It is an operation where crude oil or petroleum products are transferred between seagoing ships moored alongside...

  • Shipyard

    The place where ships are built or repaired.

  • Shop primer

    A rust preventing paint for temporary protection of steel applied immediately after blasting, generally in low...

  • Shore supply

    Electricity supply from the shore mains when a ship is in dock undergoing repairs.

  • Short circuit

    An electric contact between parts of an electric circuit, which causes a very high current, increases in temperature...

  • Short international voyage

    An international voyage in the course of which a ship is not more than 200 miles from a port or place where the...

  • Shredder

    A tool or machine that is used for cutting things into very small pieces.

  • Shrouded propeller

    A propeller fitted within a duct or nozzle in order to improve its efficiency.

  • Shuttle tanker

    A tanker intended to carry oil from shelf fi elds not accessible to pipeline systems.

  • Shuttle tanker NAVION BRITANNIA

    Delivered in 1998 by Astilleros Espanoles, the 126,650dwt vessel is a twin-skeg, twin screw shuttle tanker.

  • Side plate

    A part of a hatch cover; the vertical plate forming the outer edge of each panel.

  • Side support stowage system

    A system to stow 20 feet containers into 40 feet cell guides. The containers are connected in the 20 feet gap with...

  • Side-loading system of CALA PIANO

    The 11,550dwt reefer vessel CALA PIANO is equipped with the twin side loading system to handle underdeck palletised...

  • Side-loading systems

    Cargo handling systems used for pallets and paper rolls. Usually a side-loading system consists of elevators and...

  • Side-loading vessels

    Vessels equipped with a side-loading system are normally purposebuilt for specific trade or cargo.

  • Side-rolling covers of the ore carrier PEENE ORE

    The ore carrier PEENE ORE can transport 322,000 tonnes of ore with stowage factor of 19.7 ft3 /long ton.

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