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  • Semi-automatic welding

    Manual welding with equipment that automatically controls welding conditions.

  • Semi-refrigerated gas carrier NORGAS ORINDA

    Delivered by Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard in 2002, the NORGAS ORINDA is the innovative and highly efficient gas carrier.

  • Semi-submersible ships

    see Heavy lift ships.

  • Sensor

    A detecting device which is part of a transducer. It extracts energy from the measured medium in the process of...

  • Separate

    Separate” means that a cargo piping system or cargo vent system, for example, is not connected to another cargo...

  • Separation

    The term is used to describe the separation of two mutually insoluble liquids, usually oil and water, while removing...

  • Separator

    The separator consists of a frame, an electric motor drive and a vertical shaft on the top of which the bowl assembly...

  • Serious casualty

    An accident resulting in at least one of the following consequences (LMIS, 1995): Total loss, Breakdown resulting...

  • Service ships

    Vessels designed to provide support to commercial ships and/or industrial vessels, such as tugs, offshore support...

  • Service spaces

    Spaces used for galleys, pantries containing cooking appliances, lockers, mail and specie rooms, store-rooms, workshops...

  • Service tank, daily service tank

    A tank supplying clean, treated fuel oil directly to the engine.

  • Settling tank

    A deep tank in the engine room used for pre-cleaning of fuel oils by gravity; a liquid mixture in the settling...

  • Sewage

    Drainage and other wastes from any form of toilets, urinals, and WC scuppers, drainage from medical premises (dispensary...

  • Sewage treatment, waste management

    There are three main sewage treatment processes: biological, physico-chemical and electrocatalytic oxidation.

  • Shackle

    U-shaped steel forging with a pin through an eye on each leg of the U.

  • Shaft

    A circular section rod or bar which transmits rotary motion, e.g. propeller shaft.

  • Shaft alignment

    A static condition observed at the bearings supporting the propulsion shafts. It is calculated, conducted and verified...

  • Shaft alignment sighting, sighting through

    The process of establishing the reference line. The major welding work should be completed on the stern block of...

  • Shaft alternator

    An alternator driven by the main engine to supply power to the mains. The shaft alternator can be arranged in a...

  • Shaft bearings

    Bearings which support the intermediate shafting between the tailshaft and the main engine or gearbox.

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