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  • Sea-going vessel

    Vessel navigating on the high seas, i.e. areas along coast and from coast to coast.

  • Seakeeping

    Ship behaviour in rough weather. Seakeeping covers various aspects of performance in waves such as slamming, deck...

  • Seal retaining channel

    The steel channel into which the seal is glued.

  • Seam

    Fore-and-aft joint of shell plating, deck and tank top plating, or a lengthwise edge joint of any plating.

  • Seaman

    A person serving on a merchant ship except the master.

  • Search and rescue (SAR) boat

    All-weather search & rescue craft used to help ships and people in distress.

  • Search and rescue radar transponder (SART)

    A portable transmitter designed for survivor location during search and rescue operations.

  • Search and rescue vessel HERMANN MARWEDE

    The German Sea Rescue Service (DGzRS) decided to have a new rescue vessel in 2000. It took three years to bring...

  • Search pattern

    A pattern according to which vessels and/or aircraft may conduct a coordinated search.

  • Search speed

    The speed of searching vessels directed by the on-scene commander or co-ordinator surface search.

  • Seat

    The structural support for an item of machinery or equipment.

  • Seaworthiness

    The ability of a ship to operate in all types of weather and sea states.

  • Seaworthy

    A term used to describe a ship which has adequate strength, freeboard and stability in order to carry and deliver...

  • Second Assistant Engineer

    The licensed member of the engine department, in charge of twelve to four watch. On steam vessels he usually is...

  • Second Mate

    The licensed member of the deck department, in charge twelve to four watch. A ship navigation officer.

  • Secondary barrier, secondary membrane

    The liquid-resisting outer element of a cargo containment system designed to ensure temporary containment of any...

  • Secondary coolant

    A liquid used for the transmission of heat, without a change of its state.

  • Secondary refrigerant

    A liquid or gas which is first cooled in the evaporator of a refrigeration system and then circulated through the...

  • Section board

    A grouping of electrical services which are fed from the main switchboard.

  • Section modulus

    The ratio of the second moment of area to the distance measured from the neutral axis to the extreme adge of the...

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