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  • Salvage operation

    Any act or activity undertaken to assist a vessel or any other property in danger in navigable waters or in any...

  • Sampson-post, king post

    A rigid vertical post used in place of a mast to support derricks.

  • Sand blasting

    An abrasive cleaning method for steel plating which may use dry sand or sand and water mixture.

  • Sandwich Plate System

    SPS deck overlay system – SPS is a composite structural laminate that replaces conventional stiffened metal plates...

  • Sanitary discharges

    Drain lines from toilets, bathrooms, galley, etc.

  • Sanitary pump

    A pump which supplies seawater for flushing toilets.

  • Saturated steam

    Steam that is at the boiling temperature associated with its particular pressure, i.e. the saturation pressure.

  • Saturation

    The condition of air at any given temperature and water vapour pressure, when a reduction in temperature would...

  • Scale

    A numerical factor which relates the measured value to the actual value.

  • Scallop

    A hole cut into a stiffening member to allow continuous welding of a plate seam.

  • Scantlings

    A marine term for the size and strength of structural elements: the dimensions of the ship frames, girders, stiffeners...

  • Scavenge Air System

    The integrated part of the main engine supplied with scavenge air from one or more turbochargers.

  • Scavenge fire

    The fire of flammable mixture (cylinder oil, unburned fuel and carbon) which can collect in the scavenge space...

  • Scavenging

    Removal of exhaust gases by blowing fresh air in.

  • Scavenging methods

    Cross-flow scavenging, loop scavenging, uniflow scavenging. The uniflow one is the most efficient scavenging system...

  • Scene

    The area where the event, e.g. an accident has happened.

  • Schneekluth duct


  • Scissors platform lift

    The elevator with a platform supported by a system of levers and hydraulic rams. Scissor lifts are usually located...


    A container location device. The SCOLD unit is a compact radio beacon which should be attached to a container with...

  • Scoop cooling

    An alternative cooling system with a large opening in the bottom shell which admits sea water into a large-volume...

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