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  • Survey ship CAPELLA

    The CAPELLA is the first larger survey ship built by Fassmer Shipyard for German Federal Marine and Hydrographic...

  • Survey systems of HMS ECHO and ENTERPRISE

    The multi-role hydrographic and oceanographic survey vessels ECHO and ENTERPRISE are designed for inshore and continental...

  • Survey vessel

    A vessel designed to carry out geophysical and geotechnical surveys.

  • Surveyor

    A person charged with inspecting and reporting on engineering equipment, structure, etc on behalf of private interests...

  • Survivability of the ship

    A survival capability of a ship suffering some damage at site or bottom.

  • Survival craft

    A craft capable of sustaining the lives of persons in distress from the time of abandoning the ship, (SOLAS, Chapter...

  • Survival Crafts and Rescue Boat Arrangement

    A classification drawing which shall contain sufficient information to check that proposed arrangement of lifeboats...

  • Survival Systems International evacuation system

    The evacuation system designed for use on offshore installations.

  • Suspect areas

    Locations showing substantial corrosion and/or which are considered by the surveyor to be prone to rapid wastage.

  • Suspension

    A mixture with solid particles dispersed in the continuous water phase.

  • SWATH research vessel PLANET

    On February 1st, 2005 the maritime journal HANSA chose the research vessel PLANET as the “Ship of the Year 2004...

  • Switchboards

    A switchboard which is directly supplied by the main source of electrical power and is intended to distribute...

  • Syncrolift

    A ship lift consisting of an articulated platform: a series of transverse beams supported on each end by electro-mechanical...

  • Synfuel

    Synfuels can be produced from coal, natural gas, or biomass feed stocks through chemical conversion into syncrude...

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