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  • Strake

    A strip of plating used in the outer hull structure, decks or bulkheads; for example bilge strake, keel strake...

  • Stranding

    The placing or landing of a vessel on a beach, a submerged object or reef, whereby vessel is no longer fully afloat...

  • Streamers

    Measuring cables towed by the seismic vessel.

  • Strength deck

    The deck that is designed as the uppermost part of the main hull longitudinal strength girder. The bottom shell...

  • Strength of a structure

    Ability of the structure to withstand the loads imposed on it.

  • Stress

    The force per unit section area resulting in a deformation of a body.

  • Stress concentration, stress raiser

    Any notch, crack, hole, corner, groove, attachment or other interruption to smooth flow of stress and strain in...

  • Stress monitoring system, hull stress surveillance system

    Large tankers, bulk carriers or container vessels, where the hull girder stiff ness is relatively low compared...

  • Stretcher

    A covered frame for carrying someone who is too injured or ill to walk.

  • Stringer

    1. A term applied to a fore-and-aft girder running along the side of a ship at the shell and also to the outboard...

  • Stringer plate

    The outside strake of deck plating.

  • Stripe coat (painting)

    A coat used locally, before the first coat or between the first and the second coat, in locations where it is not...

  • Stroke

    The travel of the piston between its extreme points: top dead center and bottom dead center.

  • Structural inspection

    A close-up inspection of the hull structure and ultrasonic thickness measurements (gauging).

  • Structural test

    A hydrostatic test carried out to demonstrate the tightness of the tanks and the structural adequacy of the design.

  • Strut

    Outboard column-like support or V-arranged supports for the propeller shaft used on some ships with more than one...

  • Stuffing Box Drain Oil Cleaning System

    The oil drained from the piston rod stuffing boxes is mixed with sludge from the scavenge air space and has to...

  • Subdivision

    The division of a hull into a series of watertight compartments by means of transverse and longitudinal watertight...

  • Subdivision draughts

    Initial draughts of the ship before damage which must be considered when calculating the attained subdivision index...

  • Subdivision index

    The measure of the ability of a ship to survive flooding accidents caused by collision or grounding.

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