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  • Sterntube seals, propeller shaft seals

    A housing with series of seal rings clamped into position on the bush. Sterntube seals have to perform two separate...

  • Stevedore

    A person or firm employed to load and unload vessels.

  • Stiffener

    A secondary supporting structural member: an angle, T-bar, channel, built-up section, etc. used to stiffen plating...

  • Stiffness

    The resistance of the structure to deflect under load within elastic limit of the material.

  • Stirling engine

    External combustion engine having an enclosed working fluid (as helium) that is alternately compressed and expanded...

  • Stockholm Agreement

    The western European agreement for the ro-ro ferry safety reached in Stockholm in 1996 and is valid for ro-ro passenger...

  • Stone damper

    Stone-dumping vessels move large quantities of stone. A side stonedamper has a deck that is suitable for loading...

  • Stool

    1. A structure supporting cargo hold and tank bulkheads. 2. A support for a main bearing in the shaft alley, a...

  • Stop valves

    Valves to isolate machinery, equipment, and piping components for system operation, maintenance and overhaul, and...

  • Stopper

    A device for securing a mooring line temporarily at the ship whilst the free end is fastened to a ship bitt.

  • Storage and offloading buoy

    A bottle-shaped tank with a buoyancy collar fitted around the neck. The lower part of the buoy provides a free-flooding...

  • Sto-Ro paper carrier BALTICBORG

    The ice strengthened Sto-Ro vessel BALTICBORG was completed by Volharding Shipyards in 2004, using a hull from...

  • Stowage

    The placing of goods in a ship to ensure the safety and stability of the ship.

  • Stowage factor

    It is expression which indicates the cubic capacity that 1 ton of cargo will require. The stowage factor takes...

  • Stowage hooks

    Hooks which hold a folded hatch cover.

  • Stowage rails

    Athwartships rails upon which side-rolling covers run and are supported in the open position.

  • Stowaway

    Someone who hides on a ship to avoid paying a ticket or to travel secretly.

  • Straddle carriers

    Large vehicles that carry their load underneath the bridging between their wheels.

  • Strain

    Any forced change in the dimensions of a structural member.

  • Strainer

    A coarse filter to remove large contaminating particles. Sea inlets are to be fitted with strainers.

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