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  • Special purpose ship

    A mechanically self-propelled ship which, by its function, carries on board more than 12 special personnel, including...

  • Specifications, Contract Specifications, Newbuilding Specifications, Technical Specification

    Technical Specification is, beside the Contract, the most important contractual document that shall describe exactly...

  • Specified maximum environmental conditions

    The wind speed, ambient temperature, seawater temperatures, current and wave height under which the vessel is designed...

  • Speed

    The speed of a cargo ship influences significantly the ship’s earning potential, hence there is a tendency to increase...

  • Speed logs

    Ship speed measuring devices.

  • Speed trials

    Test runs which are carried out by a newly completed ship to determine its speed, the engine revolutions per minute...

  • Spill control gear

    Special equipment for fighting accidental oil spills at early stages.

  • Spindle

    A part of a machine which rotates, e.g. lathe spindle, or a pin upon which another part turns.

  • Splash proof

    An enclosure which protects electrical equipment from drops of liquid or solid particles which fall onto it or...

  • Splashproof chemical overall

    The chemical overall used as a protection suit when a gastight clothing is unnecessary. It provides effective protection...

  • Splinker

    An apparatus used for fire-fighting purposes.

  • Split-joint

    The term for a cross-joint at which the panels separate, i.e. they are not hinged together.

  • Sponsons

    Projections (buoyancy casings) from each side of the hull used sometimes on ro-ro ferries to enhance their stability.

  • Spread Mooring

    A type of Position Mooring System. It is a system with multiple catenarymooring lines anchored to piles or drag...

  • Spreader

    A frame containing four twistlocks on its bottom corners which fit into the top container castings.

  • Spreading rate

    The area which is covered by one litre of paint.

  • Spring lines

    see Mooring lines.

  • SPS deck overlay

    see Sandwich Plate System.

  • Squat

    Ship squat is the averall decrease in the static underkeel clearance, forward or aft, created by dynamical sinking...

  • Stability

    Ship stability is the ability of a ship to float in an upright position and, if inclined under action of an external...

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