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  • Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME)

    An US based non-profit, technical organisation founded in 1893. SNAME is dedicated to promoting the art, science...

  • Soft coating

    Coating which does not dry or which partially dries. It remains soft during its life time.


    International Convention on Safety of Life at Sea adopted in 1974 by IMO.

  • SOLAS 90

    The amendments concerning the way in which the subdivision and damage stability of dry cargo ships was to be calculated.

  • SOLAS 90 + 50

    see Stockholm Agreement.

  • Solids

    The non-volatile matter in a paint composition, i.e. the ingredients. After drying they create the paint film.

  • Solvent-free coating

    It is a 100% solid coating. For practical purposes this may be extended to cover materials containing a small amount...

  • Solvents

    Liquids, usually volatile, used in the manufacture of paint to dissolve or disperse the binder-forming constituents...

  • Sonar

    Sound Navigation Ranging. Electronic equipment which provides the means to search and detect submerged obstructions...

  • Soot blowers

    Equipment used to remove the products of combustion from boiler tubs.

  • Sophisticated paints

    Paints based on unconventional binders, such as epoxies, chlorinated rubbers, vinyls etc.

  • Sounding pipe

    A pipe which leads down to almost the bottom of a tank to enable the depth of liquid to be measured by a sounding...

  • Source of electrical power

    Emergency source of electrical power – A source of electrical power intended to supply the emergency switchboard...


    If the vessel operates in areas where SOx emissions are controlled, compliance can be achieved using low sulphur...

  • Spaces

    Separate compartments including holds and tanks.

  • Spar platform, deep draft caisson vessel


  • Spark arrester

    A device which prevents spark from the combustion in prime movers, boilers, etc. from reaching the open air.

  • Spatters

    Metal particles expelled during fusion welding that do not form a part of the weld.

  • Special category spaces

    Enclosed spaces above or below the bulkhead deck intended for the carriage of motor vehicles with fuel in their...

  • Special hull penetrations

    Hull penetrations for installations such as echo sounder, speed log, and impressed current cathodic protection...

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