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    A SWATH hull form variant produced by Lockheed Martin from USA. A further development of SWATH technology using...

  • Sling

    A loop of rope or wire which is used for he hoisting of a heavy item. It may also describe a length of wire with...

  • Slip

    1.The difference between the actual distance travelled by a ship and the theoretical distance given by the product...

  • Slip (to)

    To separate from by unshackling a link of chain, e.g. slip an anchor.

  • Slipway

    An inclined shipbuilding berth.

  • Slop chute

    A chute for dumping garbage overboard.

  • Slop tanks

    Tanks in an oil tanker used to collect drainings, tank washings and other oily mixtures.

  • Slop Water Cleaning

    Drilling with both oil-based mud and synthetic based mud generates waste streams, often referred to as ‘slop mud...

  • Slow steaming

    The operation of a ship at a lower speed than normal one in order to save fuel on ballast voyage or when fuel is...

  • Sludge

    The residue from any oil separation process which is usually a mixture of water, solid material and high viscosity...

  • Sludge discharge

    Ejection of sludge from the separator bowl.

  • Sludge oil

    Sludge oil means sludge from the fuel or lubricating oil separators, waste lubricating oil from the main or auxiliary...

  • Sludge tank

    A tank provided to receive oily residues coming from the oily water filtering or separating equipment and from...

  • Sluice valve

    A large valve in which a rectangular or circular gate slides across the opening.

  • Small waterplane area twin hull (SWATH)

    A catamaran with unconventionally shaped hulls: two submarine-like floating bodies lie deep under the water surface...

  • Smit bracket

    A fitting for securing the end link of a chafing chain, consisting of two parallel vertical plates mounted on a...

  • Smog

    A mixture of pollutants, principally ground-level ozone, produced by chemical reactions in the air involving smog-forming...

  • Smoke

    Smoke can be black, blue, white, yellow or brown in colour. Black smoke is mainly comprised of carbon particulates...


    see Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan.

  • Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators (SIGTTO)

    An organisation dedicated to the promotion of safe and reliable operation of gas tankers and terminals.

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