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  • Sideshifter, sideloader

    Cargo handling equipment used on reefer ships and paper carriers.

  • Sideshorings

    Usually aluminium panels used to support palletized cargo in order to reduce damage.

  • Side-thrust effect

    When a ship is sailing, the propeller blades bite more in their lowermost position than in their uppermost position.

  • Side-wall craft

    An air-cushion vehicle whose walls extending along the sides are permanently immersed hard structures.

  • Siemens-Schottel Propulsor (SSP)

    Podded propulsion unit developed by Siemens and Schottel.

  • Simulated launching of free-fall lifeboats

    Means of training the crew in the free-fall release procedure of free-fall lifeboats and in verifying the satisfactory...

  • Single Anchor Leg Mooring (SALM)

    The single point mooring system. A single anchor leg mooring system consists of an anchoring structure with built-in...

  • Single bottom structure

    The shell plating with stiffeners and girders below the upper turn of bilge.

  • Single-pull cover

    A type of multi-panel hatch cover in which the panels roll along the coaming and tip into stowage. The panels may...

  • Single-welded joint

    A joint that is welded from one side only.

  • Siphon

    An inverted U-shaped pipe with unequal legs for conveying liquid over the edge of a container and delivering it...

  • Sister ship

    A ship of the same main dimensions, general arrangement, capacity plan and structural design as the first ship...

  • Skeg

    A deep, vertical, finlike projection on the bottom of a vessel near the stern, installed to support the lower edge...

  • Skiff

    A powered boat used to assist the purse seiner.

  • Skimmers

    They are devices for removing the oil from the sea surface, and can be found in many forms. They may be free-floating...

  • Skin friction

    The resistance component of a ship which is due to the roughness of the hull plating.

  • Skirt of an air-cushion vehicle

    A downward-extending, flexible structure used to contain or divide an air cushion.

  • Skylight

    An opening in a deck to ensure air and light to the compartment below.

  • Slack tank

    Any tank that is not totally empty or pressed full.

  • Slewing

    To rotate about a vertical axis in a horizontal plane.

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