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    The RAMFORM TITAN delivered by the MHI shipyard in Nagasaki, is the most powerful and efficient marine seismic...

  • Ramps

    Large steel constructions consisting of longitudinal beams plated over to provide a vehicle roadway.

  • Rapson's slide

    A crosshead arrangement used on ram-type steering gear in which the mechanical advantage increases with the angle...

  • Raster navigational chart (RNC)

    Rasterscan chart is a scanned reproduction of a paper chart.

  • Rated speed of engine

    The crankshaft revolutions per minute at which the rated power occurs as specified on the nameplate and in the...

  • Receiving point

    A mark or place at which a vessel comes under obligatory entry, transit, or escort procedure.

  • Reciprocate

    An alternating motion between two extreme points on a fixed path, e.g. up and down motion.

  • Recognized Security Organization (RSO)

    An organization with appropriate expertise in security and anti-terrorism matters recognized by the Administration...

  • Record book of engine parameters

    The document for recording all parameters changes, including components and engine settings, which may influence...

  • Rectifier

    A circuit which converts single or three-phase alternating current to direct current (AC to DC).

  • Reducing valve

    A valve which is designed to maintain a lower constant fluid pressure at outlet, regardless of the inlet conditions.

  • Reduction gear, gearbox

    Equipment used to convert the output shaft revolutions of the main engine to those required to rotate the propeller.

  • Redundancy

    The provision of equipment or components which are surplus to operational requirements in order to continue operation...

  • Redundancy of propulsion

    Duplication of various machinery and systems forming a part of the propulsion system.

  • Redwood seconds

    A unit of measurement of kinematic viscosity when a Redwood viscosimeter is used. Standard temperatures of 21°C...

  • Reefer vessel LOMBOK STRAIT

    In August 2002, Seatrade Groningen took delivery of the innovative reefer vessel LOMBOK STRAIT built by CSBC Taiwan...

  • Reefer vessel, refrigerated cargo ship

    A vessel designed to carry goods requiring specific climatic conditions during transport, such as meat, fruit and...

  • Reefer/container vessel CARMEL ECOFRESH

    The hybrid reefer/container vessel CARMEL ECOFRESH, built by the Portuguese shipyard Estaleiros Navais de Viana...

  • REFCON system

    The monitoring and alarm system, which registers complete history of individual reefer containers, recording all...

  • Reference line

    A virtual line displayed on the radar screen separating the fairway for inbound and outbound vessels so that they...

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