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  • Poop

    A superstructure which extends from the aft perpendicular forward to a point, which is aft of the forward perpendicular...

  • Port

    A harbour in which ships can load or discharge cargo.

  • Port facility

    A location where the ship/port interface takes place, including anchorages, berths, and approaches.

  • Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)

    Person designated as responsible for the development, implementation, revision, and maintenance of the port facility...

  • Port of Registry, hailing port

    The place where a ship is registered. It is shown on the stern of the vessel.

  • Port side

    The left-hand side of a ship when looking forward. Opposite to starboard.

  • Portable decompression chamber

    A unit intended for human occupancy under greater than atmospheric pressure conditions. It is installed on a vehicle...

  • Porthole, port light, sidescuttle

    A circular opening in the ship side to provide light and ventilation. A hinged metal cover or deadlight can be...

  • Position Mooring System

    A system which keeps the Floating Installation Vessel on station. There are two types of position mooring systems...

  • Post-weld heat treatment

    Stress relieving operation carried out to reduce the stresses caused by welding. For general fabrication work it...

  • Pot life

    The period after mixing the components of two-component paint during which the paint remains usable.

  • Pour

    The quantity of cargo poured through one hatch opening as one step in the loading plan, i.e. from the time the...

  • Pour point

    The pour point is the lowest temperature at which the fuel just flows thanks to its own weight.

  • Powder

    A dry substance in the form of very small grains.

  • Power

    The quantity of work done in a defined time or the rate of doing work. When unit work is done in unit time then...

  • Power actuating system

    The hydraulic equipment for supplying power to turn the rudderstock, comprising a steering gear power unit or units...

  • Power supply installations

    Installations for the generating, conversion, storage and distribution of electrical energy.

  • Power system of dynamic positioning system

    All components and systems necessary to supply the DP system with power.


    Schneekluth wake equalizing duct - The propulsion improving device, especially for full block ships, developed...

  • Preferential tripping

    The use of automatic switches to trip or disconnect non-essential loads from the switchboard in the event of overload.

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