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  • Plastic

    A solid material which contains one or more synthetic organic high polymers as essential ingredients.

  • Plasticity

    The property of a material that allows it to be extensively and repeatedly deformed without rupture and that allows...

  • Platform supply vessel VIKING ENERGY

    The VIKING ENERGY is the world first LNG-fuelled PSV. The construction of the hull and superstructure was subcontracted...

  • Plating

    The plates of a hull, a deck, a bulkhead, etc.

  • Plough

    A cable plough is a sophisticated seabed tool that creates and back fills trenchers in order to protect all types...

  • Plug

    A thing used for connecting a piece of electrical equipment to the main supply of electricity.

  • Pneumatic control valve

    A valve which regulates the flow of a fluid. It is remotelyoperated as the correcting unit of an automatic control...

  • Pneumatic conveyor system

    The loading/offloading system for dry powder material (cement) developed by Merevido Europe B.B.

  • Pod

    An electric rudderpropeller, see Electric podded propulsors.

  • Polar orbiting satellite service

    A service based on polar orbiting satellites which receive and relay distress, alerts from satellite EPIRBs and...

  • Pollutant

    A substance that makes air, waters, soil etc dangerously dirty.

  • Pollution

    The process of making air, water, soil etc dangerously dirty and not suitable for people or animals.

  • Pollution and accident control ship NEUWERK

    The highly-sophisticated 3830t displacement multi-purpose ship built in 1998 by Stralsund shipyard, Volkswerft...

  • Pollution containment and recovery equipment

    Collection and subsequent pumping of viscous oil is difficult unless specially developed equipment is used for...

  • Pollution control ships

    The new generation of advanced coast protection vessels to deal with potential emergencies.

  • Polymer

    A high molecular weight material created from lower molecular weight constituents by chemical reaction. Polymers...

  • Polyurethane

    A resin with special characteristics. Paints based on polyurethanes are either one or two-pack, and they wear extremely...

  • Polyurethane foam

    A foam obtained from the reaction between the polyetherpolyol and the polyisocyanate.

  • Pontoon

    A simple, non self-propelled and unmanned floating structure without hatchways in the deck except small manholes...

  • Pontoon cover

    A cover with both sides closed. This term is often misused as the alternative name for an open-girder lift-away...

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