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  • Pipe tunnel

    The void space running in the midships fore and aft lines between the inner bottom and shell plating forming a...

  • Pipelay/Heavy Lift vessel SEVEN BOREALIS

    SEVEN BOREALIS is 182.2m long, with a breadth of 46.2m, and an operating draft of 8.5-11.35m.


    J-lay method - One method for installing subsea pipelines in deepwater is by J-lay installation.

  • Pipelaying system of the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS

    Deepwater installation vessel MIDNIGHT EXPRESS was converted from a former LASH barge by the Canadian shipyard...

  • Pipeline

    A primarily horizontal pipe lying on, near or beneath the seabed normally used for the transportation of hydrocarbon...

  • Pipeline bundles

    Arrangement of two or more pipelines laid parallel and directly contiguous.

  • Pipeline End Terminations (PLET)

    A significant part of pipelying vessel time is used for special operations like PLET handling or diameter changes...

  • Pipeline system

    An integrated set of sub-sea flowlines and pipelines including pertinent instrumentation, foundation, coatings...

  • Pipes

    Pipes are pressure-tight cylinders used to contain and convey fluids.

  • Piping components

    Pipes, tubes, valves, fittings, flanges, gaskets, bolting, hoses, expansion joints, sight flow glasses, filters...

  • Piping system

    A network of piping designed and assembled to serve a specific purpose. Piping systems interface, but exclude...

  • Piston

    A cylindrical metal item which reciprocates within a cylinder. It may move as a resultof fluid pressure as in an...

  • Piston crown

    Piston head – The upper part of a piston exposed to hot gases in an engine.

  • Piston ring

    A rectangular cross-section ring of cast iron which is cut to enable fitting over a piston. The ring fits into...

  • Piston skirt

    A thin cylinder of material fitted at the bottom end of a piston. It serves to close the ports in a two-stroke...

  • Pitquard anode

    A sacrificial anode placed just above the tank bottom in order to mitigate the general and pitting corrosion process.

  • Planking

    Wood covering for decks, etc.

  • Planning craft

    The vehicle with the hull suitably shaped to develop the hydrodynamic forces during forward motion, sufficient...

  • Planning terminal

    The bridge workstation, remote from the operational area of the bridge, which allows for the planning of routes...

  • Plasma-arc cutting

    A process used primarily for the cutting out of steel components from plate in the workshop.

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