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  • Lift-and-roll cover

    A hatch cover which is lifted by hydraulic jacks, or wheel lifts, and then can roll freely to a desired position.

  • Lift-away cover

    A hatch cover lifted bodily off the coaming by a ship or shore crane to provide access to the hold.

  • Lifting beam

    A long steel beam usually constructed in “H” section or similar weight bearing construction employed to spread...

  • Lightening hole

    A hole cut in any member to reduce weight.

  • Lightening, also lightering

    The process of transferring cargo from a tanker to another ship. Also discharging a part of cargo into a lighter...

  • Lighter

    A small barge for carrying cargo between ship and shore.

  • Lighterage

    Carriage of goods by lighter and the charge assessed therefrom.

  • Lightest seagoing condition

    The loading condition with the ship on even keel, without cargo, with 10% stores and fuel remaining and in the...

  • Lighthouses

    Solid towers which, in the day time, serve as landmarks, and by night exhibit strong lights. These lights vary...

  • Lighting

    The lighting of crew spaces should facilitate visual task performance and facilitate the movement of crew members...

  • Lightship

    The lightship is a ship complete in all respects, but without consumables, stores, cargo, crew, passengers and...

  • Lightship draught

    The mean draught of an empty vessel.

  • Lightship mass

    The mass of the ship in metric tons without cargo, fuel, lubricating oil, ballast water, fresh water and feed water...

  • Lightship mass coefficient

    Estimation of lightship mass is one of the most important tasks when a new ship is designed. In the preliminary...

  • Lightships

    Red vessels on some hidden rock, reef or sand, and by night exposing characteristic lights. Their object is to...

  • Lightweight check, lightweight survey

    A procedure which involves auditing all items which are to be added, deducted or relocated on the ship at the time...

  • Limber hole

    A small hole cut in a plate near the bottom of the frame or other structural member to permit the passage of water...

  • Line entanglement freeing system, also cutter system, net protector

    Cutter blades mounted on the propeller to sever fishing lines, drift nets or discarded tow lines and hawsers.

  • Line throwing appliance

    A gun or rocket device which can project a light line between vessels.

  • Liner conference

    Shipping companies operating a service in common between designated areas. Conference partners agree on special...

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