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  • Insulation of hot surfaces

    All exposed surfaces which personnel are likely to come in contact with are to have temperatures that do not exceed...

  • Insulation of ship structures

    Decks, bulkheads and walls are very ofen covered by insulation materials in order to provide acoustic, fire or...

  • Insulation space of gas carrier

    The space, which may or may not be an interbarrier space, occupied wholly or in part by insulation.

  • Intact stability criteria

    Analyzing the data of vessels that behaved well, and especially the data of vessels that did not survive adverse...


    An electrolytic anti-fouling protection system designed by Wilson Taylor especially for seawater intakes.

  • Integrated bridge systems (IBS)

    A series of interconnected and closely grouped screens and modules allowing centralised access to navigational...

  • Integrated Full Electric Propulsion (IFEP)

    The use of a common power system for both propulsion and ship services.

  • Integrated monitoring system

    The combining of all the individual control systems in a plant into a single computer-controlled system. This would...

  • Integrated Propulsion Package (IPP)

    The IPP system consists of the CP propeller, the shaft line, the gearbox with built-in hydraulic system and the...

  • Integrated system

    A combination of computer-based systems which are interconnected in order to allow the communication between computer...

  • Interbarrier space of gas carrier

    The space between the primary and the secondary barrier, whether or not completely or partially occupied by insulation...

  • Intercooler

    A heat exchanger fitted between the stages in an air compressor in order to cool the compressed air.

  • Intercostal

    Made in separate parts; between floors, frames or beams, etc; the opposite of continuous.

  • Interface

    1. A boundary between oil and water. 2. A transfer point at which information is exchanged.

  • Interface detector

    An electrical instrument for detecting the boundary between oil and water.

  • Intering™ Anti-heeling Systems

    The air- or pump-activated inclination equalising systems operating during loading and unloading, in order to keep...

  • Intering™ Stability Test System (ISTS)

    Automatic in-service inclining test system developed by the German company Intering in order to improve safety...

  • Intermediate bulk container (IBC)

    A rigid, semi-rigid or flexible, portable bulk container packaging of a capacity of not more than 3m3, designed...

  • Intermediate shafting

    The lengths of shafting between the propeller shaft and the engine or the gearbox.

  • Intermittent weld

    A weld in which the continuity is broken by recurring unwelded spaces.

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