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  • Inflatable appliance

    An appliance which depends upon non-rigid, gas-filled chambers for buoyancy and which is normally kept uninflated...

  • Inflated appliance

    An appliance which depends upon non-rigid, gas-filled chambers for buoyancy and which is kept inflated and ready...

  • Inhibitors

    Substances used to prevent or retard a chemical or electro-chemical reaction, often used to render corrosion products...

  • Injection

    The process of spraying fuel into an engine cylinder by an injector.

  • Injector, fuel valve

    A device which receives pressurized fuel as a liquid and sprays it into an engine cylinder as a fine mist. It consists...


    The Organization established by the Convention on the International Maritime Satellite Organization adopted on...

  • Inner bottom, tank top

    Plating forming the top of the double bottom.

  • Inner hull

    The innermost plating forming a second skin of the ship hull.

  • In-Sea Equipment

    Any equipment deployed from the survey, towed or normally attached.

  • Insert plate

    A steel plate of greater thickness which is fitted at a region of increased stress, e.g. hatch corner.

  • Instantaneous rate of discharge of oil content

    The rate of discharge of oil in litres per hour at any instant divided by the speed of the ship in knots at the...

  • Institute of Marine Engineers, since 2000 The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST)

    A London-based organisation formed in 1899 to promote the scientific development of all aspects of marine engineering...

  • Instrument

    A device which provides a measurement or indication of the quantity measured.

  • Instrument air

    Compressed air which is suitable for use in pneumatic control equipment. It must be free of oil and dust and dry...

  • Instrumentation

    A system designed to measure and display the state of a monitored parameter and which may include one or more of...

  • Insulated container

    A container insulated on its walls, roof, floor, and doors, to reduce the influence of external temperatures on...

  • Insulated container tank

    The frame of a container constructed to hold one or more thermally-insulated tanks for liquids.

  • Insulating flange

    A flanged joint incorporating an insulating gasket, sleeves and washers to prevent electrical continuity between...

  • Insulation material

    Rockwool, polyurethane, Styrofoam, glass fibre or other material used for insulation.

  • Insulation of cargo spaces

    The cargo holds on board trawlers, reefers and deepfreeze vessels are usually insulated with polyurethane foam...

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