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  • Hydrographic survey vessel

    A vessel equipped with hydrographic survey equipment to determine underwater topography in order to produce high-precision...

  • Hydrostatic curves

    A series of graphs drawn to a vertical scale of draught and a base of length, which gives values such as the centre...

  • Hydrostatic release unit (HRU)

    A part of the liferaft lashing used for automatic liferaft release. At up to 4m water pressure activates release...

  • Hydrostatically-balanced loading (HBL)

    Cargo tanks on oil tankers are loaded to 98% and in some cases 99% of capacity with the oil level well above the...


    The large hydrodynamic and cavitation tunnel of the Hamburg Ship Model Basin HSVA.

  • Hyperbaric evacuation system

    A system allowing for the divers under pressure to be safely evacuated from a ship or floating structure to a position...

  • Hyperbaric facility

    A chamber or combination of chambers, intended for manned operation at internal pressure above atmospheric.

  • Hyperbaric lifeboat

    A self-propelled lifeboat intended for human occupancy in saturated conditions.

  • Hyperbaric rescue capsule

    A free-floating decompression chamber for human occupancy. It can be maintained with gas mixture under a pressure...

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