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  • Hot work

    Work involving sources of ignition or temperature sufficiently high to cause the ignition of a flammable gas mixture.

  • Hovercraft, air-cushion vehicle

    A vessel riding on a cushion of air formed under it. It is very manoeuvrable and is also amphibious. There are...

  • HSVA Speed Trial Analysis

    A speed trial evaluation method developed by the Hamburg Ship Model Basin (HSVA) in order to improve the significance...

  • Hull

    The structural body of a ship, including shell plating, framing, decks, bulkheads, etc.

  • Hull appendages

    Any protruding part of the hull structure that is below the waterline (rudder, bilge keels, thrusters, propeller...

  • Hull efficiency

    The ratio of thrust power to effective power, which is usually higher than one.

  • Hull roughness

    Hull roughness is the result of fouling, corrosion, flaking of old paint, mechanical damages during service, etc.

  • Hull-stress monitoring system

    A system of measuring stresses in selected locations of a hull girder. The system usually includes a database in...

  • Humidity

    A measure of the amount of water vapour in a given volume of gas. Most measurements of humidity relate to air.

  • Hundred-year storm

    A criterion used in the design of offshore oilrigs and meant to represent most severe conditions that may occur...

  • Hungry horse deflections

    Deflections of plating in between supporting grillage.

  • Hydrant

    The terminal point of a water main with fittings for the attachment of a hosepipe.

  • Hydraulic motor

    A device which converts hydraulic fluid power into mechanical force and motion. It usually provides rotary motion.

  • Hydraulic rack and pinion

    A mechanism for driving hatch covers to the open or closed position. It uses a hydraulic motor attached to the...

  • Hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs)

    Compounds containing hydrogen, fluorine, chlorine, and carbon atoms. Although ozone depleting substances, they...

  • Hydroblasting

    The method used for cleaning of the surface to be repaired. The degree of cleaning depends on the pressure of the...

  • Hydrocarbons

    An organic compound consisting entirely of hydrogen and carbon.

  • Hydrodynamics

    The study of the behaviour of fluids, especially incompressible ones, in motion. Hydrodynamics principles are applied...

  • Hydrofoil Small Waterplane Area Ship (HYSWAS)

    Hydrofoil craft that receives a portion of its lift from a single buoyant pod located below a traditional upper...

  • Hydrofoil, hydrofoil boat

    A vessel with underwater wings (hydrofoils) fitted below the hull. The dynamic lift of hydrofoils keeps the hull...

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