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  • Heavy lift carrier FAIRPLAYER

    The FAIRPLAYER was built by the Damen Shipyards Galati, Romania. The ship was completed entirely in Galati, except...

  • Heavy lift derrick

    A cargo-handling device for heavy large items.

  • Heavy lift ships

    Specialized ships capable of transporting non-standardized heavy cargoes. They can be subdivided into four main...

  • Heavy load transportation system (STS)

    The system used to move heavy ship modules. The first STS was installed in Bremer Vulkan Yard, Germany.

  • Heavy running of the fixed pitch propeller

    Heavy running occurs when engines reach the maximum continuous rating before they reach full rev/min.

  • Heavy weather damage

    Damage caused to a ship as a result of sailing in heavy weather. Typically bending and buckling of forepeak, side...

  • Heel

    The inclination of a ship to one side (see list). Also the corner of an angle, bulb angle or channel, commonly...

  • Heickel coefficient

    Coefficient used to compare propulsion efficiency at the same Froude number. The higher the Heickel coefficient...

  • Helicopter facility

    A helideck including any refuelling and hangar facilities, (SOLAS).

  • Helideck

    A purpose-built helicopter landing area located on a ship including all structure, fire-fighting appliances and...

  • Helm

    A tiller or a wheel generally installed on the bridge or in the wheelhouse of a ship to turn the rudder.

  • Helmsman

    A person who steers the vessel while underway.

  • Helmsman’s workstation (workstation for manual steering)

    Workstation from which the ship can be steered by a helmsman, preferably conceived for working in seated position.

  • HERO (habitat environment repair option)

    Underwater dry stern seal replacement system developed by the Subsea Solutions Alliance.

  • HiBuoy

    The HiBuoy is a new mono-buoy concept developed by Hitec Marine AS for mooring and loading of tankers.

  • HI-FOG MT4

    “Don’t wait, activate” they are the instructions given to clients of Marioff new machinery space flooding total...

  • HI-FOG system

    The water-mist fire-fighting system developed by Finnish company Marioff. The HI-FOG system is based on the removal...

  • High expansion foam

    A foam compound, which expands during curing to fill voids.

  • High heat tanker BITFLOWER

    BITFLOWER has been designed to transport molten bitumen, hot pitch, and related products of transportation temperatures...

  • High heat value

    Heat content of the fuel with the heat of vaporization included. The water vapor is assumed to be in a liquid state.

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