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  • Hatch cover panel seals

    Swing-seals – Hydraulically- or manually-operated seals for weathertight non-sequential operation. The swing-seal...

  • Hatch cover seals

    The sealing between hatch covers and coaming is generally achieved by sliding rubber packing which is fitted to...

  • Hatch rubber

    Alternative name for seal.

  • Hatch sealing tape

    Any type of adhesive tape used to seal cross-joints externally.

  • Hatch, hatchway

    A rectangular opening in a deck through which cargo and stores are loaded or unloaded.

  • Hatchcoverless container ship NORASIA FRIBOURG

    The ship is characterised by a moulded depth greater than normal proportions, which allows eight of the 11 tiers...

  • Hatchrails

    Ropes supported by stanchions around an open hatch to prevent persons from falling into a hold.

  • Hawsepipe, spurling pipe

    A tube through which anchor chain is led overboard from the windlass wildcat on deck through the ship side. A doubling...

  • Hawser

    Synthetic or natural fibre rope or wire rope used for mooring, warping and towing.

  • Hazardous air pollutants (HAPs)

    Also known as toxic air pollutants or air toxics, are those pollutants that cause or may cause cancer or other...

  • Hazardous area

    An area which, for the purpose of the installation and use of electrical equipment, is regarded as dangerous. Such...

  • Hazardous substances

    Chemicals that are dangerous and likely to harm people health.

  • Header tank

    A liquid storage tank which maintains a head or gravity pressure in the system. It acts as an expansion tank and...

  • Heat balance

    A statement, usually in the form of a system diagram, of the heat energy available in a system and the way it is...

  • Heat detector

    A device which can detect a fire, or a considerable change in temperature, as a result of the action of heat on...

  • Heat exchanger

    A device that transfers heat through a conducting wall from one fluid to another. Heat exchangers are used to transfer...

  • Heating

    The process in which the ambient temperature is raised by adding heat to the air, to reach higher air temperature...

  • Heating coils

    Pipes through which steam or thermal oil passes to heat HFO or liquid cargoes in order to reduce their viscosity...

  • Heaving

    The up and down linear motion of a ship in the sea.

  • Heaving line

    A very light line that is thrown between the ship and the berth and is used to draw the messenger line ashore.

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