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  • Grease

    A thick oily substance used to reduce friction between two surfaces.

  • Grease separator

    A separator designed to extract vegetable and animal oils from galley grey wastewater before the water is discharged...

  • Great Lakes ports

    Ports in the lakes of Canada and the USA popular for grain, iron ore and coal shipments. In Canada: Port Arthur...

  • Great Lakes ship

    Cargo ship developed to carry raw materials and manufactured goods on the Great Lakes. Most of them carry bulk...

  • Green sea

    A seawater, which travels over the weather deck of a ship without any waves breaking.

  • Greenhouse gases (GHGs)

    Any gas that absorbs infrared radiation in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases include, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous...

  • Gripes

    Wire ropes which secure a lifeboat against the cradle when it is up on the davits.

  • Grothues spoilers

    Fins fitted ahead of the propeller on both sides of the sternpost to improve the propeller efficiency.

  • Grounded

    Connected to earth, or an extended conducting body, e.g. the hull of a ship, which acts as an earth.

  • Grounding

    The term used when a vessel runs aground in an area where groundings are so common that the insurer of the ship...

  • Gudgeon

    Bosses or lugs on sternpost drilled for the pins (pintles) on which the rudder hinges.

  • Gunwale

    The junction of deck and shell at top of sheer strake.

  • Gusset

    A triangular plate, usually fitted to distribute forces at a strength connection between two structural members.

  • Gymnasium

    A special hall or room that has equipment for doing physical exercises.

  • Gyroscope

    A wheel that spins inside a frame and is used for keeping ships and aircrafts steady.

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