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  • Freight

    A sum of money paid for the hire of a ship or for carrying goods by sea.

  • Freight ferry CONTENTIN

    CONTENTIN has been built at the Aker, Helsinki shipyard for UK/France service. The large superstructure at the...

  • Freon

    A halogenated hydrocarbon usually given a number which is related to its chemical formula. It is used as a refrigerant.

  • Frequency

    The number of complete cycles of a periodic process occurring per unit time. The frequency is expressed in Hertz...

  • Freshwater generator, freshwater distiller

    A unit used for conversion of seawater into fresh water by vacuum distillation based on evaporation and condensation.

  • Fretting contact

    The contact between two surfaces under pressure and subject to a slight relative motion.

  • Fretting failure

    Keyed-taper connections, splines, bolted connections and clamped flanges give rise to fretting failure. The basis...

  • Froude number (Fn)

    A non-dimensional number indicating the relation between a vessel’s length and its speed, expressed as Fn = V...

  • Fuel cell power pack

    A fuel cell power pack consists of a fuel and gas processing system (the balance of plant), and a stack of fuel...

  • Fuel Conditioning Module (FCM)

    A new automated two-stage fuel oil supply module developed by Alfa Laval.

  • Fuel oil

    Any oil used as a fuel in connection with the propulsion and auxiliary machinery of the ship.

  • Fuel oil service system

    see fuel oil systems.

  • Fuel oil service tank

    An oil fuel tank that contains only the required quality of fuel ready for immediate use. Two oil fuel service...

  • Fuel oil stability

    Fuel oils are produced from various crude oils and refinery processes. Due to incompability, such fuels can occasionally...

  • Fuel oil system

    Various piping systems, provided for bunkering, storage, transfer, offloading and treatment of fuel oils.

  • Fuel oil tank protection

    Old vessels, but unfortunately also many new ones, have bunkers in double hull and any shell damage can result...

  • Fuel oil transfer system

    This system receives and stores fuel and delivers it to settling tanks. Fuel oils are loaded through deck fill...

  • Fuel oil treatment

    Fuels supplied to a ship must be treated on board before use in order to remove solid as well as liquid contaminants...

  • Fuel oil unit

    The equipment used for preparation of oil fuel for delivery to an oil-fired boiler, or equipment used for preparation...

  • Fuel viscosity

    A measure of resistance of the fuel to flow at a stated temperature. According to ISO, the kinematic viscosity...

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