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    A custom form used for the clearance of ships or merchandise.

  • Environmental control

    A number of chemical substances react with oxygen or other gases. This reaction may affect the quality of the cargo...

  • Environmental load

    A load that acts on a structure that is the result of environmental conditions (e.g. thermal loads arising from...

  • Epoxy resins

    Liquids that can be poured and cured at room temperatures. The cured material is tough, solid, durable and unaffected...

  • Equipment number

    A dimensionless parameter used to determine the size and number of anchors and chain cables for a new ship.

  • Erecting, erection

    The process of hoisting into place and welding together the various parts of a ship hull.

  • Ergonomics

    Application of the human factor in the analysis and design of equipment and working environment. The aim is to...

  • Erosion

    The destruction of metals or other material by the abrasive action of moving fluids, usually accelerated by the...

  • Erosion damage

    The physical removal of material from a surface by mechanical means such as e.g. flowing liquid. It may be accelerated...

  • Error

    The difference between an actual and the ideal or desired value or condition.

  • Escape route

    A clearly marked way in the vessel which has to be followed in case of emergency.

  • Escape trunk

    A vertical trunk fitted with a ladder to permit personnel to escape after being trapped.

  • Escort

    Attending a vessel, to be available in case of need, e.g. icebreaker, tug, etc.

  • Essential equipment

    All equipment necessary to ensure propulsion and steerability of the ship, safety of passengers and crew, cargo...

  • Essential services

    The electricity supply to services required for navigation, propulsion and the safety of life.

  • Ethanol fuel

    Alcohol-based fuel made by fermenting and distilling sugar cane or starch crops such as corn. It can also be made...

  • Evacuation

    Evacuation means leaving the ship, also an offshore unit or installation and moving away from the vicinity in an...

  • Evaporation

    Change of any liquid into vapour at any temperature below its boiling point. For example, water, when placed in...

  • Examination of the hull structure

    The overall examination is intended to report on the overall condition of the hull structure and determine the...

  • Exhaust emission

    Any substance which, if introduced into the sea or atmosphere, is liable to create hazards to human health, ecosystems...

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