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  • Draught marks

    The number markers on each side of a ship at the bow, stern, and amidships, to indicate the distance from the lower...

  • Draught, draft

    The vertical distance from the moulded base line amidships to the actual waterline. - Air draught -The maximum...

  • Dredging and dredgers

    Dredging is a displacement of soil, carried out under water. It serves several different purposes. One of the applications...

  • Dredging equipment of UKD BLUEFIN

    According to Significant Ships of 1997 The dredging equipment features double articulated 700mm diameter trailing...

  • Dregging of anchor

    Moving of an anchor over the sea bottom to control the movement of the vessel.

  • Drill

    Thorough practical training and usually with repetitive exercise. Every crewmember shall participate in at least...

  • Drill bit

    Three rotating cones which are fitted with hardened steel, carbide tipped or diamond edged teeth.

  • Drill collars

    Heavy, thick-walled tubular couplings which connect the drill bit to the drill pipe.

  • Drill pipe

    The pipe which carries and rotates the drill bit. The drilling fluid passes down the inside of the pipe.

  • Drill riser

    The risers are pipes through which the drill string carries out the drilling function. A marine drilling riser...

  • Drill string

    The assembly of components used to drill a hole. They are: drill bit, drill collars, drill pipe, kelly, saver sub-assembly...

  • Drill tender

    Ship serving drilling installations, which are on a ship or a barge for storage, accommodation, etc.

  • Drilling activities

    1. Exploration drilling – The search for hydrocarbons by drilling a hole (well) into the seabed to determine reservoir...

  • Drilling barge

    A barge equipped for drilling operations in smooth seas. Normally it is not equipped with its own propulsion machinery...

  • Drilling derrick

    A drilling tower with turntable and mudpumping system. It may be installed on an offshore rig or placed on a fixed...

  • Drilling mud, drilling fluid

    A liquid consisting essentially of betonite, colloidal clay dissolved in either water or fuel oil. Baryte is added...

  • Drilling platform

    The structure that provides a flat surface above the sea where the drilling rig and other facilities are mounted.

  • Drilling rig

    The complete assembly of all machinery and the supporting structure from which a well can be drilled.

  • Drillship


  • Drillship GLOMAR CR LUIGS

    We can divide the new drillships designs into three main groups: 1. Ships with no oil storage capability, generally...

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